Our School

Academic Excellence

In Coláiste an Chraoibhín we endeavour to provide a school where all students are valued and respected, in a welcoming, happy, caring and secure environment. Every individual is a valued member of our school community and through the provision of a comprehensive curriculum we ensure that students are given the opportunity to develop to their full potential.

We aim to create a centre of excellence with high academic standards, high expectations, whilst fostering the talents of all our students. Coláiste an Chraoibhín has a long history of high academic achievement with students consistently gaining excellent exam results each year. We have excellent teachers who inspire their students through the passion they have for their subjects. Teachers give generously of their time, not just in the classroom but also through co-curricular activities.

Our core purpose is to help our pupils realise their full potential through an excellent education. With outstanding teaching, in an exciting and challenging environment, the students want to learn and they succeed academically, achieving their first choice course in third level. Our ability to help students achieve the very best that they can is reflected in the high number of students progressing to third level education each year. The class of 2020 are studying various courses including Finance, Mathematical Sciences, Teaching Programmes, Science and various Engineering disciplines just to name a few. The majority of the class have proceeded to UCC, UL and Cork Institute of Technology. 96% of students progressed to higher and further education with 4% pursuing apprenticeships. This is another remarkable educational achievement and a clear statement of the excellence of the teaching and learning in Coláiste an Chraoibhín.

Our Canteen


On the breakfast table you can choose from Apple juice, orange juice, water or tea.
We have Cherrios or Shreddies cereal, with fresh milk.
Strawberry yoghurts, cheddar cheese.
There is a rotary toaster that you can use for, fresh brown sliced bread, McCambridge’s soda bread, plain scones, sultana scones and also we have warm croissant’s.

Ballygowan water is available all day.
Red apples, mandarin oranges and bananas are available all day free of charge.


For lunch break we have a selection of five different hot sandwiches available.
We have a selection of 10 different types of cold sandwiches, wraps and rolls available which change around.
We have gluten-free vegetable soup.
We have salad, either vegetarian or with meat.
We have a selection of plain bread rolls, warm croissant‘s, McCambridge’s brown soda bread, Strawberry yoghurt’s and cheddar cheese.
Plain scones and Sultana scones